The Space We Create

by Terra Terra Terra

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released January 15, 2013

Loren Taylor: Vox, Guitar
Matthew Hagelberger: Bass, Synth, Keys, Guitar, BG Vox
Tyler Soucey: Drums

Produced and Engineered by Jesse Cannon and Mike Oettinger @ Cannon Found Soundation Recording Studios, Union City, NJ
Mixed and Mastered by Jesse Cannon

Executive Producer: Dan Sassone

*Tyler Soucey appears courtesy of the band "A Great Big Pile Of Leaves"


all rights reserved



Terra Terra Terra Lakeland, Florida

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Track Name: Without Forgiveness We're Savages
can i sing you a song to let you know I'm still alive.
with words pressed from my lips,heard by your ear. make me alive
cause ive pushed you away to the back of my mind without a trace.
of love or your advice.holding me near, God im alive.
we sing...
Track Name: Angel
youll be my angel and ill watch after you.ill keep my chin up if you just follow through.
and darling ive been waiting all day to see your sun soaked pretty face.
and darling ive been asking the moon to bring me one closer to you.
and i i want to do is say...
so look at the stars. look how they all line up for you.
and all of the waves in the ocean they crash for you.
and all over the people say...
youll be my angel and ill watch after you.ill keep my chin up if you just follow through.
ill be your angel if youll be mine too. and i promise to keep my chin up only,only for you.
and all these stars, shining on the ocean for you.
and ill be the wave as it crashes down for you.
so dont go chasing the moonlight baby cause ive been searching for you.
i know it wont go away. i know it wont go away.
Track Name: Away For A While
is this something that i could have figured out? is this somthing that we should have just left alone. maybe we should just leave all this alone.
and if your alone then i dont know what i did to ruin all of this now. cause baby i need you to be more than i can.
because nothing makes sense anymore that i can not see you in my eyes. cause baby i need this i need this i need this more than you do so maybe i need to go.
so maybe i need to go away for awhile to figure this out,figure this out. no one tells you how to be alone but you figure it out.
so babu don't leave me alone with myself i think ill go crazy.if you're understanding all of my fears when i am away now.
so baby leave me alone if you're coming on to strong. nobody cares what your side swept hair looks like any more.
and i dont think you are the one to make discisions anymore. so dont be hasty baby maybe we could figure something out.
and if this song reaches your ears,my ears all our fears are alive right now.
so maybe we should try to make it without each other.cause im not seeing where this was broken. and what? were screaming with eyes wide open.
and what im hoping from you is more than i know that ill get so baby i wont.
so maybe this is somthing that we should try.or maybe somthing that i should always,always be a part of you and baby you know i tried.
so maybe this something that we should try(so maybe i need to go)it may be somthing that we should always, always be a part of you and baby you know i tried.
maybe this is somthing that we should try.
Track Name: Burn
if i fall could you fall with me? through the mud and the broken dreams? through it all would you still watch after me.
im alive but im not for long. so ill sing the saddest song. hoping that it will find you where you are.
but the world keeps turning and im still searching for you.with the fear im pushing i pray that i make it through.
yea im no no lover but im trying to learn. and i need you here like the sun still needs to burn.
if the earth turned upside down would the girls and the boys still run in the yard after all its just a game.
cause the love that we need is there and the pain that we fear is gone.all the love and the boys in front of me.
Track Name: Glow
if i could then i would take all of your soul and make it glow. your fears and your doubts would go.
the pain and the torment takes you to places you know that you cant go. with demons and hell youll go.
we could glow. please dont go.
Track Name: Better Than Screaming
she's got a bad way about looking at love. she go's to building tops to see the city above her eyes. to see the city lights.
she's got a bad way about dealing with things like holding on to love in her deepest dreams. is she dreaming of me?
dont try to make this right. cause i know yuoll be worth the fight.
cause your tears lost all their meaning. this ilence is better than screaming. and i know youll spend the night all alone.
she's got a sick way about holding her heart. she leaves it in your hands while you tear her apart. God it must be hard.
she's got a bad way about losing her head. she's looking in your eyes why you leave her for dead. is it somthing she said.
Track Name: Crash
well i hope that youre happy now. i hope that youre ok. cause everytime i sing i think of that day.
when you left me by myself, you left me on my own.everything i do reminds me of you.
i hope that youre lonely without me. i hope that im honestly on your mind.
cause nothing i do could save me from you. and the crowd sings....
well i hope that you're ok. i hope that youre alright. cause everytime i sing i think of that night.
when you left me by myself. you left me on my own. everything i do reminds me of you.
when the world comes crashing down thats when ill be there. thats when ill be there.
Track Name: Someone Like You
dont leave me here. the lights down i get lost.
i dont think ill make it without you. and i hope that i dont let you down.
and the first thing ill do is find someone like you.
this is all that i have. im afraid its not enough.
losing you rest my head. i dont know if im ok.
and the first thing ill do is find someone like you.
cause you are everything i need. you make all this disappear.
you are all that i need.
i cant lay down my head now if i cant find the way.
I've been burning and searching for you to say your everthing.
you're all that i need. you're everything. youre all that i need.
Track Name: The Only One
when im broken and torn down, im not searching foe your sound. my hearts breaking just for you.
im not scared to let you in. im not scared to let me only hear your voice.
could you free my soul tonight? could you bring this heart to life? could you be the only one who feels the way i do?
so dont you let me fall away. take for granted things you say.
im looking only to fall for you.
could you free my soul tonight? could you bring this heart to life? could you be the only one who always gets me through?
everything i have, i give it all to you. my heart is not mine but a debt i owe to you.
all the words that you say are reaching into me. free this heart from its cage and tear right into me.
Track Name: The Thing Is, I'm Never As Good As When You're There
i think im just to dumb to get away from myself.
i feel like im losing touch with everyone else.
i could sing this all night. you could listen all night too.
but nothing gets me out of my head like being with you.
maybe im a little scared.maybe im not ok.
maybe i need you to stay. dont walk away.
Track Name: She Was...Disarming
so lets be honest baby im just what you want. and this is your last chance to keep the promise that you made.
so lets be tasteful darling my heads caving in. and i wont leave alone until im underneath your skin.
is this what it feels like to be caught in the sights of the one whos holding the gun.
with your hands on the trigger my heart start to give up. youre breaking me down and i think i like it now.
so just be truthful baby if im not in your plans are you searching for a boy who fits more tightly in your hands.
well lets get reckless honey lets burn out the night. if this ship is going down then at least we can end this right.
so baby girl sit next to me. you know i cant stand it when you look at me that way.
you know i need you tonight. you know i need you by my side.
Track Name: The Space We Create
can we take a ride with your heart next to mine and our feelings one knows how to act.
well be fine as were passing the time and were noticing lights that weve never seen before.
no i dont know you but i want to. no i dont know you...yet.
can we lay inside with our hopes in our beds. fight our hearts and our heads. were just searching for truth.
you reply with your smile and your eyes. fearing odd quick goodbyes. i just want you to know that im here.
no i dont know you. but i want to. no i dont know you...yet.
and every single spoken but not heard. it breaks but makes no sound. and keeps us spinning round and round.
cause i know I'm never coming back from this heart hears a voice that cant be replaced. and i know im only losing my head this way.
were all lost in the noise its the space we create.